The Solution To Your Dog-related Predicament Lies Herein

Even if you don’t have a dog yet, you likely know what a big responsibility dog ownership is. You probably don’t innately know the best way to care for your canine companion. Read through the following guide for some hints on how you can take better care of dogs.

Dog-proof your home. Make sure any area your dog will be in is safe. Put cleaning supplies and medications away and keep indoor trash inside a cabinet. Keep house plants out of his reach, especially if they could be poisonous.

Take a photo of your dog when you plan to take him on vacation. If he gets lost, you have a recent picture you can immediately access in order to print “lost” flyers.

Do not fall prey to the temptation to feed table scraps to your dog. If you feed from the table, he’ll become a beggar and stop eating his own food. “People food” can also make dogs sick and contribute to obesity. While you and your family dine, keep your dog in another room so that table-feeding isn’t an option.

No matter how nicely your dog behaves, never take it off your property unless it is on a leash. Something could distract him, like a squirrel or a cat, causing him to leave your side. You are the only one responsible for your dog’s safety and his actions.

Ask your vet how much food your dog should get every day. Some people feed the dog based on their food package recommendations, but these can be wrong and cause them to be overweight. Speak with a vet to see what you should be feeding your dog according to its needs.

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Always teach your dog to walk properly on a leash. He should be on your side, not behind or ahead of you, and he should know how to respond when told to “heel.” This ensures his safety and will make going for walks more enjoyable for you. Regardless of how you intend to take your walks, this is a good command for your dog to know.

Separation anxiety could be a problem with your dog. If so, show him extra love and attention and leave music on while you are away. The sounds help your dog feel like others are still home and help your dog feel more secure. This is a good way to keep your dog from feeling lonely.

Dogs paws can be damaged by walking through areas that are rife with debris and broken glass. If your dog gets a cut, make sure that it is washed with antiseptic and then have a bandage wrapped around the wound. Deep or serious wounds must be seen by a vet.

Do tick and flea inspections on a daily basis with your dog whenever the weather becomes hot. A flea comb can help you remove fleas that you see. There are lots of flea and tick products for dogs. Consult with your vet to learn more about flea and tick control.

It should be easy to care for your dog with the advice found above. With some patience and love, your dog will be appreciative. Conduct a bit of research and make sure that both you and your dog are happy.

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