Common Ingredients Discussed In Dog Shampoo Ingredients

The typical “premium” dog shampoo contains all sorts of harmful chemicals, such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate, or the ingredients pet food companies would like you to think they do. But if you love a nice spot of DIY, and wish to go natural yourself, those homemade dog shampoo recipes may just be right for you. Instead of filling your bathtub with harsh chemicals, why not make your own dog shampoo? Rather than filling your bath with chemicals, why not fill your bathtub with essential oils?

dog shampoo
dog shampoo

Essential oils are very healthy for us humans, but dogs really should care too. These organic dog shampoo ingredients are non-toxic and healing to dogs’ skin and coat and are safe enough to use on baby humans. What essential oils do is work with the body’s own immune system to help promote optimal health. The benefits of using organic dog shampoo are endless; from soothing to healing and everything in between.

Organic dog shampoo will contain no added preservatives, colors, sweeteners or dyes. In addition, the plant-based ingredients in these organic shampoos are gentle and effective, providing your dog with the nutrients essential to maintain a healthy coat. Organic and natural ingredients are safer and more effective preservatives and antibacterial agents than chemical preservatives and antibacterial agents found in regular commercial dog shampoos.

One essential oil that has been proven to be beneficial for sensitive dry skin and dogs is Eucalyptus. In Australia, Eucalyptus is known as “bugbane” for its effectiveness in treating skin irritation, cuts, scrapes, burns and insect bites. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for burns and scrapes caused by insects, fungi and viruses, as well as a strong antidote to ants and termites. Essential oils have been successfully used in human and veterinary medicine for over centuries and now are being recognized for their ability to heal the skin and promote overall health.

Another important dog shampoo ingredient is lauryl sulfate toxic surfactant. This ingredient can cause adverse skin reactions such as redness, itchiness and watering at the same time as causing tissue damage and alkalinity changes. The use of this surfactant can also result in a build up of lather on the bathroom floor. Because of this threat, it is strongly recommended that a minimal amount of lauryl sulfate is included in any organic dog shampoo that you are considering.

The final common ingredient in commercial shampoos is isopropyl alcohol toxic surfactant. This ingredient is widely recognized as a chemical that can cause skin irritation, breathing issues, and ulcers if used in excess. While isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaning agent, too much exposure to this chemical can be harmful to your dog. You may want to dilute isopropyl alcohol before using it on your dog. Many people also do not want to add this ingredient to their dog shampoo, because of its tendency to change color when mixed with water. However, small amounts of isopropyl alcohol can be used occasionally as a treatment to treat stubborn stench coming from foul smelling breeds.